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Audio Visual System Integration in Gurgaon

Audio Visual System Integration Service in Gurgaon

IRIS FIRE AND SECURITY  offer the best and latest technology (AV) Audio Visual System Integration Service in Gurgaon. Today there is a younger workforce who expects modern technology to drive collaboration and connectivity. We provide the expertise to enable those outcomes. We offer High rated LCD / DLP / 3D / HD (AV) Audio Visual System that yields a bright, sharp image and graphics. When you are looking for the best elements of an Audio Visual system, CT utilizes the top makers in the business to offer easy-to-use equipment. Iris Fire and Security provides one of the best Audio Visual System integrations in Gurgaon.

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Auditoriums Halls​

Auditoriums at schools have evolved into multi-purpose theatres featuring stage lifts, special effects lighting, and advanced audio-visual systems. They are frequently booked for school events, community occasions, as well as for teaching stage talent as well as backstage craft. The exhibit hall could be part of a planetarium, where an enormous video can take visitors on virtual journeys across the universe. Also, it could be a museum with exhibits ranging from moon rock paintings to paintings and multi-media informational displays on flat-screen display. The events staged in these places require the highest quality production of HD-SDI audio and multi-channel a video distributed over long distances and advanced signal processing

Class Room

IRIS FIRE AND SECURITY offers best Audio Visual System Integration in Gurgaon. Teachers have long recognized the importance of multimedia in their classrooms. They have embraced each generation of multimedia technology into their teaching methods - moving from overhead projectors and filmstrips used in the past to the modern networked 4K video technology and surround audio. Multimedia learning uses the brain's ability to combine visual and verbal information to increase engagement and better understanding. Students today have digitally connected brains that can access information digitally. This makes multimedia AV more desirable as a teaching tool than in previous generations

Meeting and Video Conference room

Video conferencing can change the way businesses operate, make you more accessible to your customers, expand your talent pool and maintain morale among employees. However, if the technology used to provide it isn't suited to the job, you'll end up in discontented teams, dissatisfied customers, and poor communication throughout the enterprise. The benefit is that upgrading your video conferencing setup does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. The integration of a video-conferencing system includes a high-definition camera and a full-video processing codec, the conference phone or call microphone, with features like echo cancellation and automatic gain control, and automated control noise reduction will instantly offer a more pleasant experience for everyone. We Provide the best Audio Visual System Integration Service in Gurgaon

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