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Fire Alarm System Installation in Gurgaon

Fire Alarm System Installation Service in Gurgaon

IRIS Fire and Security delivers a wide range of fire alarm System Installation in Gurgaon. Fire protection services across various applications including high rises commercials, apartments, industrial sites, and warehouses. Our fire safety services include the provision of fire risk assessments as well as the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire alarm systems and suppression systems. Our manufacturing partners are regularly recognized as leaders in applying cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable products for your business. Since we are an independent installation, we advocate the open-protocol fire system that allows customers the choice of periodic maintenance and system upgrades. We are willing to manage and take over closed protocols in place and collaborate with you to improve and improve the performance of your older installations. We have over 12 years of experience intend to use our knowledge to ensure you are protected.

Fire Alarm System Installation Service in Gurgaon includes:

Fire Alarm / Detection System

Fire Hydrants & Sprinkler System

Smoke Detectors

Gas Suppression System

Fire Alarm System Installation Service in Gurgaon includes:

Automatic Fire Alarm System

The primary purpose of an automated security system for fire detection is to spot the beginnings of a fire, identify it in its initial stages,
inform the building’s occupants of the fire emergency, and then report the situation to the responders.

Manual Fire Alarm Systems

Manual Fire Alarm Systems may operate independently, but they’re usually linked to your central alarm that is located in the building, and
to your fire Alarm Monitoring Panel as well. We provide the best fire alarm system installation Service in Gurgaon.

Conventional fire alarm system

The conventional fire alarm system is intended to be an alert system designed for small buildings. They are thought to be a cheap
alternative for companies where the fire started is not necessary to pinpoint the area. Instead, the alarms are heard throughout the entire
structure, indicating a potential risk without providing an exact place of the fire.

Addressable fire alarm system

We offer fire alarm, and fire alarm monitoring systems, as well as, sprinklers, extinguishers, and other products that can help keep your
business safe from fires. With over 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leaders in fire safety and aim to use our
knowledge and experience to keep you safe

Fire Fighting Systems Components

➤ Sprinkler systems
➤ Gas Flooding Systems.
➤ Fire Hydrant Systems.
➤ All types of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems.
➤ Manual Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.

➤Exit lighting
➤Voice communication systems
➤ Heat and Smoke Detection Systems.
➤ Flame Detectors System
➤ Smoke Beams.
➤ Automatic Door Unlock and Ventilation Controls.

Application Areas of fire alarm system Installation

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